Hello friends,

This website i made for sharing you my activities about contesting on the HF bands, electronics, projects etc.

On the picture above you can see a 4square for 40meter between the Frisian cows during HF Fieldday. Works very wel…

How it all started…

It all starts at 1995. I buyed from a local radioamateur PE1HL (PE1EWV) an old 27MHz 40ch transceiver, the Betatek 40. From then many contacts have made, all in FM. First 4 watts then, 30, 100, etc…

The same local ham teached me and some other guys in 1998 for get us the license. In this year i passed for the examination and got the call PD3LHS. Later, in 2011, i change this call into PD9X because i like contesting, and a short call is a must have.

I participated in a lot of big conteststations like PA3FKN PI4M PI4FRG PI4DX. For suggestions, info or just to say hello, you can send me an email

73! Laurens PD9X

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