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Remote JT65 HF

Remote JT65 operation from my home. Shack is about 10km away. I use my iPad for remote desktop contol PC shack. Setup K3 plus UltraBeam

6×2 antenna switch used for M/2 contesting

Another nice project from SJ2W. I build this switch for choose the right antenna per band during M/2 contests. PCB’s (switch and interlock) ordered from the webshop SJ2W. Al parts ordered from Conrad.

Interlock is necessary, so it is not possible to choose for both radio’s the same antenna. Check the webshop from SJ2W for all information, specs etc.














Antenna switch controlled by Arduino Uno

I want to switch al my antennas fom my shack. Several designs where found on the internet, but not good enough for me.

I start with some experiments with the Arduino controller board, so i thought it must be a switch controlled by Arduino, easy for use, and easy to change antenne names. The switch PCB was ordered from Mikael SM3WMV  And i ordered all the components by Farnell.

The basic program was written by Johan, PE1RWL and it is available with the schematics by sending my an email.






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Lafayette Survivalbox

To travel with your equipment it is important to protect this. The Lafayette Survivalbox meets all the requirements, waterproof, shockproof. I bought 2 from this boxes by Portofoonweb.




Pictures CQWW SSB 2014

Added some pictures here


Assembling the Elecraft P3

Building Elecraft stuff is fun! Also this P3 kit, a real addition for the contester. Here a video from some CW sgnals



New bandpass filters for our contest station PI4M. Based on the famous W3NQN design, delivered in a kit by 5B4AGN. I’d like to the to do the solderwork, espacially SMD. Winding the coils is not by cup of tea, so this credits goes to PI4M member Kor, PA0KDV. 3kits available now, maybe more in the future…

160m Inverted L

For the big contests the crew of PI4M are always busy to improve their antennas. For the upcoming CQWW SSB contest, we need a better antenna for 160m.
We have chosen for an inverted L. More pictures and info available after CQWW SSB 2014

Hardware needed:

-Vacuum capacitor 1000pF
-18m Spiderbeam pole
-12.5m Spiderbeam pole
-18 radials 20m each
-radial groudplate
-53m wire



PACC 2014

Every year in February the PE3V crew come together to participate the Dutch PACC contest. The last year result was a 3rd place in the M/M section. Can we improve our record this year? The claimed scores have been announced:

PI4CC 1.623.352
PE3V 1.378.564 (YES!)
PI4A 1.341.966

Here you can see us at Omrop Fryslan TV

We have to wait for the final score, we can only show you the pictures of our wonderful weekend …


Eric, PE3V                          Andre, PD0NMF
Arend, PA2AWU               Berend, PA3FAL
Peter, PE1PKR                  Han, PE2HG
Andries, PE1PIX                Laurens, PD9X
Joeri, PE5JW                     Rinze, PC5C
Douwe, PD0RXP               Wietse, PA3DDJ