PACC 2014

Every year in February the PE3V crew come together to participate the Dutch PACC contest. The last year result was a 3rd place in the M/M section. Can we improve our record this year? The claimed scores have been announced:

PI4CC 1.623.352
PE3V 1.378.564 (YES!)
PI4A 1.341.966

Here you can see us at Omrop Fryslan TV

We have to wait for the final score, we can only show you the pictures of our wonderful weekend …


Eric, PE3V                          Andre, PD0NMF
Arend, PA2AWU               Berend, PA3FAL
Peter, PE1PKR                  Han, PE2HG
Andries, PE1PIX                Laurens, PD9X
Joeri, PE5JW                     Rinze, PC5C
Douwe, PD0RXP               Wietse, PA3DDJ

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