CQWW SSB Contest PI4M 2013

One of the biggest contest of the year is the CQWW contest. In 2012 we participate for the first time, so our goal for this year was exceed our score. We build some new antennas and invest in our equipment. Unfortunately we have to pull down the 3 antenna towers sunday afternoon because a predicted heavy storm. After this we set up some verticals so we could be active unitil the end of the contest. Here PD9X in action.


Bert, PA1BK
Anton, PC1A
Frans, PA1NHZ
Freddy, PE1RWP
Johan, PE1RWL
Jelle, PD4DX
Laurens, PD9X
Robert, PD2RCW
Alfred, PA7AL
Frank, PF5T


  1. Dit noem ik pas een mooie set up.!!!73 Mich on8dm

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