40m 1/2wave vertical (Endfed)

Today i setup my new vertical for 40m. It is a 18m glassfiber pole from Spiderbeam extended with an aluminium tube from 4m long. Now i have the right length for an 1/2 wave for 40m (or 1/4wave for 80m)

I build the match with a LC network using vacuüm capacitor 5-100pF (5Kv) and a roller inductor 22uH. It was very easy to find the impedance. I add some radials, this give me an even better SWR. No tuning required between 7.000-7.200. The 50m coax length to the TRX influence the SWR a little bit, but no worries. Just need a better way to isolate the antenne, because a little rain and my little wooden shelf will be soaked…

For photo’s from this excellent antenna click here


  1. wietse Pa3ddj

    Hoi Laurens,

    Ziet er mooi uit, Prachtige vacuüm C, maar bovenal de L professionele uitvoering.

    Al resultaten?

    groet Wietse

  2. Ziet er mooi uit. Bedankt voor de plaatjes.
    73’s PDØNMF Andre.

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