Maandelijkse archieven: februari 2013

PACC 2013

During the PACC contest did the crew PE3V a good job. Our claimed score was 1.328.235 points in the M/M section. 2.5 days of setting up all the antennes and establish the radioroom, but we needed just 4 hours to dismantle…

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Eric, PE3V (CW)
Laurens, PD9X (SSB)
Rinze, PC5C (CW/SSB)
Han, PE2HG (SSB)
Wietse, PA3DDJ (SSB)
Gialt, PE1OLM (SSB)
Peter, PE1PKR (SSB)
Aloys, PA3DAT (CW/SSB)
Andries, PE1PIX (SSB)
Femma, PA3DWK (catering)