Maandelijkse archieven: januari 2013

Antennawork PACC

Last weekend, the first antenna work has started for the PACC contest. Members from contest station PE3V challenged the low temperature and snowstorms. We could do a lot of work, so this give us more time to complete the rest of our station in the old farm

KXV3A Upgrade

Today i installed the KXV3A option into my K3. This allows me to use a RX antenna, transverter options and experiments with SDR applications like Softrock, P3 panorama adaptor etc (IF-out)

Hyendfed antenna experiment

Today, me and my son (2.5y) do some experiments with an Endfed antenna for 7mhz. The top on a spiderbeam pole, 18metres. Feeding point 4metres high. Nice results and good local conditions. I worked a lot of Dutch stations on 7.077